I found out about Magic Spoon Cereal from one of the Mind Pump Media Podcasts. They’re a sponsor of their shows, so take their thoughts with a grain of salt. I ordered the variety pack so the kids and I could try it out. It may be considered a Keto Cereal, but I wanted to try it so we could have cereal as a more balanced breakfast meal. The kids seemed to like it, and it didn’t taste like cardboard, so that’s a WIN!

Magic Spoon Ceral Referral Code: http://fbuy.me/ohdyj

We tried the Blueberry, Frosted and Cocoa cereals. Our oldest daughter decided to keep sleeping in, so she missed out in the family fun. For one serving, ¾ of a cup, you get 8 grams of carbs, which is only 3 net carbs if you subtract the fiber and allulose. It seems to have decent ingredients, trying to stay in the ‘healthy’ category for those looking for a ‘healthy cereal’.

Let’s be honest, this cereal wouldn’t win in a taste test against BooBerry and Count Chocula, but it doesn’t need to. Having a more balanced option for our kids cereal is awesome, especially one that is enjoyable to eat, which this is. I like the idea of having it on hand for the kids to enjoy when they’re in the mood for cereal. I’ll also make sure we keep up the eggs and bacon/sausage for the majority of our breakfasts. With some Kodiak Pancakes thrown in for good measure, because PANCAKES!

What do you guys think of Liam and Norah being in a video? It’s been awhile since we did a family video, I think since our Family trip to Florida back in 2017.

Thanks for watching and we’ll see ya on the Internet!