I always like to grow a beard during winter. It feels manly and it keeps my face a bit warmer. I typically start around November for No Shave November ands grow it until March. This year was a bit different than years past, the Corona Virus had us working from home and quarantined within our home. It was time to keep growing the beard to see what came of the facial hair growth. Now that we’re coming out of quarantine, it’s time to shave the beard and showcase my chin to the world again.

Kaelyn, our oldest kiddo, REALLY wanted to shave the beard. We’ve done this throughout the years, making videos then as well, but for 2020 she wanted to tackle the beard shaving on her own. Turns out she had a plan, wanting to create shapes and learn how to use the trimmer and scissors. Overall I would say she did a pretty good job. She needs more practice, but it’s a good start.

The mustache is now back and I’m ready for a fun year of mustache wax and conversations about mustaches. Thanks for watching today and enjoying some humor in the household.