I’ve had my Whoop Strap 3.0 for one week and I wanted to tell you what I have learned.

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Wild Cat Enduro Whoop Strap Strain Analysis: https://youtu.be/Lkpelt6pY7I

I first heard of the Whoop Strap when Katrin Davisdottir was on one of the Chasing Excellence podcasts with Ben Bergeron. I really liked the idea of Sleep Performance. I would of bought one right away, but it was really expensive.

Now that I have a Whoop Strap and have been using it for a week, I have to say, this thing it COOL and a great tool for all athletes.

First thing, the packaging is really dialed in. Clean lines, matte finishes, I was excited opening it up.

I did have issues getting my profile setup once connected to the app. In the long run, I updated ALL apps on my phone, restarted my phone and then tried again. For whatever reason, this was the trick.

One mistake I made right out of the gate, tightening the band too much. The instructions say it should be hard to get a finger under the band. I think I took that a little too literal. It seems as long as you can’t move the band easily and you can’t see the green light, you’re good to go.

So far I’ve had to have a really high heartbeat, or strain, for it to pick it up as a workout. I was taking it easy this week to prep for my Quarter Marathon, but it did pick up my Tuesday workout and my race on Saturday. I was really surprised how much strain it said the race was on me.

Since I had the race at the end of the first week of wearing the band, I really tried to optimize my sleep for recovery. It seemed to work. I have a dirt bike race this weekend which I am going to try and be prepared for again (using the Whoop Strap of course). I’m going to put out another video after the dirt bike race so I can show my heart rate next to footage from the race. Should be an interesting look at the data collected. That will be on my Seat Time Channel and I’ll link that once it’s up for all to view.

The Whoop Strap 3.0 is what I was looking for in a fitness band. I was really concerned with Sleep and Recovery, but once looking in to Whoop, the Heart Rate Variability, and how they use it, really interests me. I’ll try and do a month long review, a 6 month review and a year long review if I keep wearing it. If I don’t, I’ll let you know why.

Also, the app kind of becomes another social network for you. I found myself constantly looking at it to see where I was at. I think it’s just because I’m new to it and I’m very much still learning how it works. But something to be weary of.