The 2007 Dodge Sprinter has desperately needed new speakers installed for quite awhile. This is that journey of installing the Hertz Audio DSK 165.3 6-1/2″ 2-Way Dieci Series Component Speaker System in to our Sprinter Van.

After quite a few google searches, I found a good blog tutorial that used the speaker kit I ended up using. I used their amazon links to purchase the parts and a lot of their instructions which were very helpful.

Watch for the times you see me having difficulty. Getting the tweeter in and out without breaking your plastic is a big one. I also had issues fishing the speaker wire to the tweeter, getting the fishing wire stuck. After that, it’s pretty straight forward. If i could walk and wasn’t filming, I think I would of had everything done in 4 hours (but that’s an estimation).

Biggest question, which are the positive wires?

Lots of googling, but I figured out which sprinter speaker wires were the positive wires.

Driver side: Brown/Purple is Positive
Passenger side: Brown/Orange is Positive

We’ve put this Sprinter through a lot in it’s ten years. I plan on coming back in a little bit and cleaning all the door panels and plastic. After putting this video together, I realized it is WAY dirtier than I thought it was while working on it.

Please ask questions and pass along comments. Next in the Sprinter Video line up is showing you all how I plan to organize it once I can walk again and do some woodworking!

Parts Need:

Speaker Kit: I used Hertz
Speaker Wire:
Butt Connectors:
F Terminal:

Tools Needed:

Wire Stripper Tool:
Fish Wire:
Trim Panel Removal:
Small Screwdriver:
Torque Bit Kit:
This is not the one I bought. The one I bought didn’t work, so I din’t trust pinking you to it. This is amazons best seller.

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