The Canon EOS M5 has been touted as a great vlogging camera, I wanted to test that theory. I really enjoyed using it, but I did have some issues with it.

This was my first attempt using any mirrorless camera for video or photography. With the segment growing and Sony starting to take the crown, Canon has had to try and catch up. With the release of the EOS M5, they are wanting to compete with the Alpha a6500, Alpha a7S II & the Alpha a7R II.

Lots to love, little bits to dislike. How do you like the M5? Are you excited that they launched the M6? Pass along your thoughts in the comments. Would love your feedback on the review.

Supercross Vlog shot on Canon M5

Latest personal vlog shot on Canon M5

Pictures taken during Review

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Canon EOS M5 Body:
Canon EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6:

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