During the making of this video the PNOE Metabolic Testing Data has gone into Beta Integration with Whoop Strap 3.0. If I notice anything crazy, I’ll post about it on Instagram, unless it’s worthy of a full video.

I did the PNOE Metabolic Test and I didn’t die, WIN! I did the Resting Metabolic Rate and Active Metabolic Rate tests at Sport Speed Lab in Frisco (link below). They were awesome to work with, responded well to emails and helped me understand everything that was happening on the day of the test. Coach Tommy, the gentleman in the videos, even took some time to talk through the preliminary results with me. I should have taken better notes, as there was a lot to talk about.

After about a week, I received an email from PNOE with their results from the tests. Their results come in the form of a PDF in a very well to understand layout. It also has training and nutrition guidelines to achieve the goals you give them during the beginning of the tests. In that email, you also get a link to schedule a consultation. This 30 minute chat was very helpful, I was able to get good information from PNOE but also ask all my dumb questions.

If you would like to chat about my results that I talked about in the video, please comment below or message me. I would love to keep the ball rolling on learning from these results.

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