After four years of growing, tweaking, trimming, curling and styling my mustache, it’s finally time to answers all your questions.Having a handlebar mustache is interesting. You get sideways glances, high fives, “cool mustache bro” yelled at you and all sorts of questions about how you “make it do that”. I figured after four years of all the questions it was time to get my styling techniques out for the world to consume.

When I first started the handlebar, I was using Firehouse Moustache Wax. Though it held all day, I didn’t like how much you had to warm it up to get it into your mustache without it feeling like it was going to rip out your hair. I then started a search for a new mustache wax.

I tried a few homemade ones from the Texas Renaissance Festival and BoHo type markets. These were either too thin or didn’t even last half the day. A buddy of mine turned me onto some Grave Before Shave beard products, which then lead me to learning about their Fisticuffs wax. This stuff is THE SHIT!

Fisticuffs is malleable, thin and lasts a good amount of the day. Being thin, it’s easy to apply and doesn’t pull on the hair. If I’m going to be drinking all day, I bring the tin with me for some later in the day updates, they’ll be needed.

I also started using the Wisdom Beard Balm now that I have some facial hair beyond the mustache again. I’ve only been using it for a few months, but I really like it.

Grave Before Shave Fisticuffs:
Wisdom Beard Balm:
Firehouse Moustache Wax:

Pick your poison & have fun with it. It’s only facial hair!