I already have a mustache, so shaving it and growing another one will do little for me or raising awareness for Prostate Cancer. What I’d rather do is educate men and show them there’s nothing to worry about, or be ashamed of, when it comes to getting a regular prostate exam. For the month of November, we are asking you to donate to our Get The Finger Campaign.

If we hit the goal of $10,000 by November 30th, I will go to the doctor and get a Prostate Exam. We will film the process, interview the doctor and create a few educational videos about why you should Get The Finger.

If we surpass the $10,000 by November 15th, we will live stream the exam as well as film it. Might seem a bit weird, but there’s no better way than to bring awareness to getting a prostate exam than by getting one for the world to see.

Support Get The Finger and help us educate everyone on how and why we should Get The Finger!

CrowdRise Site: https://www.crowdrise.com/getthefinger/