Installing a shiplap wall at Creating In Cahoots was quite the undertaking. I have done tons of DIY and woodworking projects, including building the desks and tables at CIC, so I didn’t seem too nervous about this first shiplap wall installation. Luckily Tamra was there to help out during the day. It took about 11 hours from start to finish.

After painting over the graffiti mural that was there, I marked the studs behind the drywall. I didn’t want to use any adhesive, for ease of future removal (if necessary). After marking the studs, we used a chalk line to give us straight lines to know where to screw into the studs.

After the prep work is done on the wall, I began cutting the boards to the correct length. Tamra had to step away from the painting she was doing as I needed an extra body to help mount the boards. Using a Ryobi drill and some standard coarse 2″ drywall screws, the wall began to take shape.

After cutting each board to length, before mounting, I would give a quick sanding with 150 grit sandpaper using his Ryobi orbit sander. This helped get any dirt, or debris, off the boards.

Once all boards we’re mounted on the wall, I took the sander to the boards again. This was in preparation for the Minwax Tung Oil finish. More applications of oil can be used, including a buffing after drying. Knowing that a vintage light and artwork would eventually go on the wall, I only did the one coat of tung oil.

Tools and Parts Used

Stud Finder:
Chalk Line:
Ryobi Drill:
Drywall Screws:
Ryobi Orbit Sander:
150 Grit Orbital Sanding Discs:
Minwax Tung Oil:

The shiplap boards came from Antique Lumber in Gainesville, Texas.