Posted on Facebook by my friend Rob O’Gara, I knew right away I would be making a quick post about this video. It showcases all the things about today’s society we should love.

First and foremost, our ability to suffer in front of some form of capture device. In this case, it’s a GoPro, but I can only imagine the amount of bar tabs that have sky rocketed due to a camera showing up.

Second that peaked my interest was the hesitancy in everyones eye’s. The great placement of the camera had us starring straight into their soul as the fine Irish liquid burned into their esophagus.

Bud Light and Coors Light, WTF. Jameson isn’t the most expensive Irish whiskey, but if we’re going to go the route of Jameson for all to consume, could we not also step up the other adult beverages. Yes, childish, but it had to be said.

But let’s be honest. If I was involved in any of this whiskey drinking, you would have caught my wife in the background with a straight jacket. She would have seen the high kicks coming before I did and I would have been locked down and choked out on the lawn for all to pester. She doesn’t take chances anymore when it comes to me drinking whiskey, and I completely understand.

Thanx for posting Rob. This is most certainly AWESOME!