Profoto B1 : First Test

The Why

As a hobbyist photographer, I want to continuously learn. It was cheaper for me to rent a Profoto B1 light setup from Borrow Lenses than it was for me to take a local lighting class. I learned a lot about TTL, light shaping & positioning. I’d still like to take that lighting class though!

The Where

I shot this at my friends CrossFit box in McKinney, TX, CrossFit Six Shooter. They are unfortunately closed now, but I still stay in touch with them. I’m hoping to shoot at a few more CrossFit gym’s in the near future.

The What

I used my Canon 7D and a Profoto B1 with an 3’ Octa Softbox. I was hoping the setup would of come with a grid system for more direct light, but it did not.