Behind the Scenes of

Sure Shots Magazine’s 20th Cover Photo Shoot

Take a peek inside Sure Shots Magazine to find out what happens when high-end fashion and guns meet.

I love to film behind-the-scenes shoots because it gives me the opportunity to showcase an alternate side of a brand.  The personalities of the people come to life and really help viewers to understand how and why the work that’s created is so great.  When the opportunity to film the behind-the-scenes video for the 20th edition of Sure Shots Magazine came up, I couldn’t say no!

You might think, “How can high-end fashion and guns possibly go together?!”  Pairing the powerful creatives of the Sure Shots team with cover girl Amy Robbins, I knew we’d have the talent to push boundaries and create a stand-out piece.

This shoot posed an interesting set of challenges for me as I was still in my cast and on a knee scooter.  I had to work smart, moving around carefully to get the right angles without causing undue stress to the team.

This footage was shot on a Canon XC10.  While my preference would have been to mic everyone who talked to the camera, my Rode VideoMic did a great job, especially in our exceptionally tight timeframe.

Response to the behind-the-scenes video has surpassed the client’s expectations.  Sure Shots Magazine has strengthened its connection with customers who are raving about this never before seen glimpse into the magazine.  Because of the success of this video, I anticipate shooting more behind-the-scenes footage in the future.