Now that the Open is over, it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming! 

So I ask you, “Why are you in the gym?”. Whatever your answer is, let’s talk priorities.

CrossFit Pyramid

  • Nutrition
  • Conditioning
  • Gymnastics
  • Weightlifting
  • Sport
From the Theoretical Hierarchy Of Development


Notice the base of the pyramid is Nutrition. How and what we eat fuels our body for workouts, for recovery and for the changes we may be looking to create. That happens outside the gym, so how well are you doing there or what adjustments are you looking to make?

Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic Conditioning is next. This is where we focus on the three different metabolic pathways, Phosphagen, Glycolytic & Oxidative. Phosphagen & Glycolytic are the Anaerobic systems, short time periods with great intensity. Oxidative is the Aerobic System, lower intensity levels over extended periods of time. This is why workouts are designed around specific times, time caps, AMRAP’s, EMOM’s,  and scaling/modifications. We want to train in all the different metabolic pathways to create well rounded fitness.


Gymnastics is where we create functional capacity for body control and range of motion. You may immediately think Muscle Ups and Handstand Walking, but the basics begin with air squats, push ups and strict pull ups. If you’re skipping the basics to work on the “cooler looking” advanced movements, you’re raising your chance of injury attempting something you’re not ready for. Never stop working the basics. Add progression work at the right times and the advanced movements will come.


Weightlifting is the ability to control external objects and produce power. All the body control we’re working on in Gymnastics plays a big part in Weightlifting due to the technique needed. As with Gymnastics, we can’t expect to perfect the Snatch and Clean & Jerk within a few months window. We need to work on the basic movements, squat, deadlift and press, first. Then begin adding progression and technique drills on specific weightlifting days to bring us to a better understanding of the more advanced weightlifting movements. 


Sport is at the top of the pyramid for a reason. Though it is an important part to the growth of CrossFit, it shouldn’t play a big part in the average crossfitters fitness journey. The intent of the workout, and the desired intensity, should be your focus every time you come to the box to be a happy, healthy human.

Quick Thoughts


Eat real food. Mostly Plants. Not too much.

Ben Bergeron

If it comes from a package and has an expiration date, it might not be the real food we’re looking for. Plants are rich in nutrients, we want that (sorry, you need your veggies). No bigger than a fist (protein), no smaller than your palm (fat). 


Run, Row and Bike more than you want to. Building this Aerobic Capacity will help with lactic acid build up (fatigue).


Never stop working the basics, add progressions regularly.


Work skill and technique at specific weightlifting times, not just in a regular 60 minute class. 


Try new sports, compete and learn to adapt. This challenges you mentally as well as physically.

Additional Thought

Sleep is not on the CrossFit Pyramid, but we are learning that sleep is almost as important to the human body, and recovery, as nutrition is. You need more than 4-5 hours of sleep, you need good quality sleep (Slow Wave) and Alcohol/THC are sedatives that hinder your sleep. 🤯

If you’re looking for a few good resources to learn more about how you can utilize your sleep better, here are a few: