It wasn’t until I started doing Crossfit again at Crossfit Six Shooter in McKinney that I learned I was carrying my kids wrong.

Josh Wells, owner and coach at Six Shooter, had to comment a few too many times that I was overextending my lower back. We talked about it for a bit, and I told him to keep pointing it out and I’d keep working on stabilizing my core.

While picking my kids up out of their cribs that same day, I felt my back overextending (probably because it was top of mind). I immediately tightened my core and brought my ribs to my hips, instantly I felt the weight shift from my lower back to my abs.

The next time I was in the box, I told Josh about what I felt and learned. From that discussion, we knew we needed to get this knowledge out to more parents and athletes. It’s hard to remember to take what we learn in the box and apply it to real life applications.

Next time you’re carrying your young ones, remember to stabilize your core. If you have trouble like I did figuring it out, bring your ribs to your hips. Your lower back will thank you.