I’m sure you are well aware that I take part in CrossFit. I like the fundamentals and I very much enjoy the atmosphere and programming that takes place at CrossFit Six Shooter. Due to my fandom of CrossFit, I try and stay up to date with the videos they post on their YouTube channel. One that popped up recently, titled Targeting Affiliates, starts off with Coach Greg Glassman saying “You can not exercise away a bad diet.”* This immediately had me looking inward at how I approach CrossFit and why I go.

“You can not exercise away a bad diet.”*

I can not tell you the amount of times I have thought inwardly about the amount of crappy food I have eaten or the amount of beer I have had over the weekend and how I need to work it off. It’s almost a Monday morning ritual to recount the beers and or crappy food that I should feel better about eating or drinking because I’m about to go work out.

Luckily after looking inward for a good bit, I can say with certainty that this is not the only reason I go to CrossFit. But it is part of a mental thought process that I need to remove from my train of thought. I have already stopped drinking on nights before I go to the box in the morning due to how crappy I feel during the workout.

So what is the next step? Do I give in and stop drinking beer? Do I say no to the french fries I love so dearly? I’m not a doctor and I’m not a health professional, so I can’t speak to what a bad diet is. What I can do, especially since we’re heading into Thanksgiving, is be much more aware of what I am putting into my body.

If sugar is a toxin, why would I want to put it in my body? Because the pecan pie tastes so damn good, that’s why! Well, maybe a small piece will be better than half of the pie. What about beer, how do I handle that one? It’s the holidays, being around that much family almost makes drinking a requirement. Again, I don’t have an exact answer. All I know is that i am going to try and hold myself much more accountable through the end of the year and see how it goes.

Being perfect is impossible, but being accountable is a step in the right direction.

* CrossFit. (2015, November 21st). Targeting Affiliates. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtcQ6TPwXAYgZ1Mcl3M1vng