There are few people out there that jump at the chance to do burpess, let alone 7 minutes of them. The morning I walked into the box and saw the WOD was 7 minutes of burpess, I wished I had worn my big boy compression shorts to support my boyish manhood. It was going to hurt and there was no way around the suck.

In focusing on the suck of doing burpees for 7 minutes, I forgot to focus on my form and my lower back paid the price. Like we mentioned last week, I have been having trouble with lower back overextension and it came back to haunt me during this WOD.

Burpess, or pushups, are a movement and with that movement we need to remember to support the body. It all starts in our core and I quickly forgot to keep mine tight and supportive. By not keeping my core tight, my lower back would arch as I was coming up from the bottom of the burpee. 7 minutes of broken form like this stressed my lower back muscles and wore them out. I spent the next week icing, using heat pads and moving around like a pissed off arthritic old man.

I’m still learning and the lessons can be tough sometimes. Remember to stabilize your core, this is the first thing before any movement to create a stable platform to work with.

Josh from CrossFit Six Shooter fills us in on some of his thoughts on how we can fix this moving forward.