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DIY Shiplap Wall Timelapse
November 16, 2016

Installing a shiplap wall at Creating In Cahoots was quite the undertaking. I have done tons of DIY and woodworking projects,…

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Building a Treehouse, My Thoughts and Learnings
February 27, 2016

Building a treehouse is an interesting undertaking. These are my thoughts and learnings building one from the ground up.

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You can not exercise away a bad diet
November 24, 2015

I’m sure you are well aware that I take part in CrossFit. I like the fundamentals and I very much enjoy…

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Get The Finger : A CrowdRise Campaign for Prostate Cancer Awareness
November 1, 2015

I already have a mustache, so shaving it and growing another one will do little for me or raising awareness for…

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A Wedding, A Whiskey Bottle, A GoPro and Jazz Drums
October 22, 2015

Our good friends got married and I video’d their wedding for them. I used three GoPro HERO4 Silver’s, some Joby’s and…

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Beer Show : Community Beer Company
October 18, 2015

Hosting a beer show is awesome, but doing it at a brewery with a full crowd of knowledgable beer drinks is…

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Latest Riding with Woody Episode
September 22, 2015

This past summer was a┬ávery business one for me. July was our Seat Time Adventures, which lead into family birthdays, into…

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360FLY Test and VR TreeHouse Tour
September 18, 2015

DISCLAIMER: You must watch this video in Chrome Browser or in the YouTube APP to get the full 360FLY test experience….

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A Wedding, A GoPro & and Jameson Irish Whislkey
September 10, 2015

Posted on Facebook by my friend Rob O’Gara, I knew right away I would be making a quick post about this…

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Brian Pierce Personality and Demo Reel
September 2, 2015

Brian Pierce is looking to expand into more adventure and action sport markets. If you need a host, personality, creative or…

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